Blue Jays: Pete Rose Criticizes Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista for Exiting Game 1


It’s safe to say Game 1 of the ALDS didn’t go as planned for the Toronto Blue Jays.

As if the Toronto Blue Jays 5-3 loss wasn’t agonizing enough, the team lost Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista during the game to injuries on Thursday.

Oct 8, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson reacts after being forced out at second base by the Texas Rangers in the fourth inning in game one of the ALDS at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

While Bautista would exit with only a tweaked right hamstring, Donaldson’s injury looked a little more serious. During the fourth inning, Donaldson would exit the game after he took a knee to the head while sliding into second base to break up a double play. His exit was being labeled as “precautionary”, but it was pretty clear Donaldson was being tested for a concussion.

Luckily for Jays’ fans, both Bautista and Donaldson could — and should — play on Friday for Game 2. Bautista seems like a 100 percent go, while Donaldson should be pretty close to good after he passed his concussion test.

Even though both players will likely return on Friday, their exits from Game 1 didn’t sit well with banned MLB hit king Pete Rose, who was a part of the commentary team on FOX Sports 1.

"“I just don’t understand,” Rose said. “I mean, does everybody know what we’re playing for now? I mean, you get a tweak and you got to leave the game? You get a knee on the head with a helmet on and you gotta leave the game to go take a test that you passed, I mean because you’re a little light-headed? I got light-headed how many times in my career? I still went out there and played. I guess it’s just different from when I played to when they’re playing today, Frank (Thomas), I can’t see you sliding into second there and leaving the game. I really can’t. And this guy is the MVP.”– Pete Rose"

It’s tough to argue with Rose that the game has changed drastically from when he used to play. However, with concussions in sports being such a hot-button issue, it’s pretty self-explanatory as to why Donaldson had to exit the game.

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What isn’t being mentioned here is that Donaldson probably didn’t even want to exit the game and was in all likelihood forced to by the team’s medical staff. In case Rose forgot, Donaldson did full-out superman dive into the stands earlier this season, so he isn’t a “soft player” by any means.

Considering how Rose used to play the game, it’s not a surprise to hear him question a players exit due to an injury. After all, few played the game hard than Rose.

But when it comes to head injuries, specifically concussions, there is a new protocol that trumps any desire to play through it. Whether Rose agrees with or not, it’s a part of not only baseball, but sports in general that is here to stay.

What do you make of Rose’s comments Blue Jays’ fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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