Toronto Blue Jays: Yes Yankee Fans, It’s Time To Panic


Toronto Blue Jays: Yes Yankee Fans, It’s Time To Panic

Yes, the baseball season can be a long one, for Toronto Blue Jays fans and the rest of the league. Full of ups and downs, the best teams are usually the ones that stay level and continue to push forward, through good streaks and bad.

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Even after the Blue Jays completed their sweep of the New York Yankees on Sunday, players like Alex Rodriguez were saying: “This is no time to panic for us”, while trusting they have a good team in place.

In most cases I would agree with Rodriguez in what he is saying. However, in this situation, yes, it is time to hit the panic button.

Many Yankee fans are simply spewing the same old talk about how the Jays will inevitably falter, and mentioning how they haven’t been relevant since the mid 90’s. Yes, I can’t disagree with the latter part of that statement, but I dispute anyone who says the Jays will simply fall apart.

Baseball doesn’t have the same memory that it used to, where teams would win and or lose for years on end. Look at how Houston has gone from worst to first in their division and how the Pittsburgh Pirates have risen, fallen and risen again.

Every season is its own year, and the young players of today can help lead teams. Look at Miguel Sano hitting clean-up in Minnesota, while Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber are helping the Chicago Cubs right now.

Aug 9, 2015; Bronx, NY, USA; Toronto Blue Jays catcher

Dioner Navarro

(30) congratulates Toronto Blue Jays right fielder

Jose Bautista

(19) after he hit a home run during the fourth inning of the game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Young guys don’t care as much about the history of the game anymore. They all have a bit more arrogance than the previous generations and to be honest, ignorance can be blissful.

If you don’t know you’re doing something wrong, then you may not be. Many good hitters and pitchers don’t have perfect mechanics, but they have the mental fortitude to believe in themselves regardless. Young guys don’t have as much fear now, and many have called this the year the young guns took over.

However, the same can still be said for some of the guys who are a bit older. Look at Marco Estrada – he fits this mold well, even though he isn’t a spring chicken anymore. He doesn’t have great mechanics or stuff, but goes out and wins, because he isn’t afraid to fail.

Given that baseball has a short memory these days it’s easy to see why the Blue Jays won’t fail down the stretch. They simply have too many pieces on their team to allow that to happen.

Even when you look at guys near the bottom of the Jays batting order, you see some serious potential. Hell, even Kevin Pillar, hitting .300, bomb-stroking Chris Colabello and last years NL hits leader Ben Revere can do damage near the bottom of the order.

The Jays even have to twerk around with their line-up just to get Justin Smoak‘s 10 home runs and 35 RBIs in 200 at-bats in there. When guys who don’t even play every single day, can come in and hit a grand slam to help win a game – like Smoak did in New York this last weekend – it doesn’t bode well for opposing teams.

So, let Yankee fans convince themselves the likes of Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Russell Martin, David Price, Mark Buehrle and Aaron Sanchez are all going to have season-ending slumps. All I can really say is, good luck with that.

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