Toronto Blue Jays: Jonathan Papelbon Sees Ideal Fit in Toronto (Video)


Toronto Blue Jays: Jonathan Papelbon Sees Ideal Fit in Toronto (Video)

Jul 13, 2015; Cincinnati, OH, USA; National League pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (58) of the Philadelphia Phillies walks on the field with his children during the 2015 Home Run Derby the day before the MLB All Star Game at Great American Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The All Star Festivities got underway in Cincinnati last night, with the Home Run Derby, but earlier that day there was quite a buzz, which would have been of particular interest to the Toronto Blue Jays. The Philadelphia Phillies are having a miserable season – they are the only team without 30 wins with a 29-62 record heading into the break.

It does not look like things will be turning around anytime soon and as a result there has been trade rumours involving players like Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Ben Revere and closer Jonathan Papelbon. Papelbon is the lone representative from the Phillies at the All-Star game, but had one thing on his mind when his time came to talk at the podium.

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Imagine what would happen if the Phillies did not trade Papelbon at the trade deadline? It would probably be a wasted opportunity for the organization to get value if they wait too long, although how much value is left for the Phillies to get out of him?

It is not like this a recent development about Papelbon’s discontent. He has felt this way for a while.

However, he refused to make a big issue out of it until now and you cannot blame him. He signed a big deal for a team that won 102 games in 2011, but things had gone south since then – that has been the reason for his frustration.

"“That’s not what I signed up for,” Papelbon said. “I signed up with a team that won 102 games, and I expected certain things. It didn’t happen, and I’ve tried to ride that ship and keep my mouth shut as much as I can. But it’s time for the Phillies to you-know-what or get off the pot.“I feel like three years is plenty enough time to ride it out, so to speak. If the fans don’t understand that, I can’t really side with them.”“This may sound selfish, and it may not. But if I’m in still with Philly, I’m gonna go out there and play for myself and my own name and my own career and my own stats and all that. I’m not gonna just throw it in. I don’t know. Does that sound selfish?”"

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If the Blue Jays could make a deal to get Papelbon, would they be able to accommodate his $13-million salary? Also, what would the Phillies want, in terms of assets?

It would be hard to see the Blue Jays deal a pitching prospect like Daniel Norris for a closer the team would only have control of for one more season after this. If the Phillies want to take some of his contract or lower the price, then the Blue Jays should consider Papelbon, because he is probably one of the best options when it comes to trading for a closer.

It will all come down to what Rogers will do if the team needs to add to the payroll – unless the team can move a contract – and whether GM Alex Anthopoulos sees a logical deal involving Papelbon. Plus, taking away from the team’s thin prospect resource would not be ideal.

This is especially the case, if the team wants to contend moving forward. Look at what happened to the Oakland Athletics after they went “all in” last season.

Apr 4, 2015; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris (32) throws the ball during the first inning against the Cincinnati Redsat the Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have seen in my last article stating why the Blue Jays need to make a trade soon, this is a deal that makes sense for them. But only if the team can avoid overpaying for a short term solution.

The last thing Toronto needs, is losing a player like Norris for just a year or two of Papelbon. Plus, this deal would only make sense if the team could get a starter and an outfielder in separate moves, like the Scott Kazmir and Josh Reddick trade I mentioned in my other article.

This team is not a closer away from contending, which is probably why a trade for Papelbon has not happened. Anthopoulos is probably trying to accomplish other deals first.

The good news for the Blue Jays is that Papelbon sees a fit with them, as a team that can contend. However, but this team needs to get there first.

It will be exciting to see how the next two weeks unfold, with the July 31st trade deadline approaching. The team has not been in a position like this in a while, so it will be interesting to see how Anthopoulos deals with it, after last season did not end well.

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