Toronto Blue Jays: How to Make Them the Best Pitching Team In MLB


Toronto Blue Jays: How to Make Them the Best Pitching Team In MLB

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I’m sure some of you think I’m crazy about claiming the Toronto Blue Jays can become the best pitching team in baseball, but hear me out.  There will be a couple of things mentioned that may make people cringe, but by the end you may see perhaps the best pitching staff in the league, to go with baseball’s most offensively gifted team.

The trade deadline is fast approaching and with Scott Kazmir being moved for a couple of mid level prospects, one has to expect some teams will switch to sell mode in a hurry, to get any value.  In Oakland, we know that Billy Beane can be one to act quickly and decisively.

Who knows what the Jays had in line for Kazmir, but maybe Beane didn’t give AA enough time to counteract?  It may have been a “first real offer is the deal I make” kind of situation.

Apr 25, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (43) and Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Brett Cecil (27) and Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Mark Buehrle (56) talk in the outfield during the warm-up in a game against the Boston Red Sox at Rogers Centre. The Boston Red Sox won 8-1. Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

David Price is on the market as the Detroit Tigers potentially become sellers at the deadline, although they are only really 1.5 games back of Toronto.  However, it looks like Justin Verlander will need time to become the guy he was, in order for the Motor City to become a contender once again.

Unfortunately, Detroit doesn’t have the luxury at this point in the season to let Verlander ride it out until he can regain his form, without potentially losing Price for nothing in the off-season.  So if Price is indeed on the market, bite the bullet AA and just get it done! You’ll see why.

So what would it take to make this trade happen? We can throw in Dioner Navarro because, why not?

Now we need to add some high octane prospects.  Daniel Norris has been a bit of a bombshell this season and although I really love the guy, could we package him with Navarro and a mid level prospect to get Price?

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I’d even be willing to part with Dalton Pompey if need be.  He’ll always hit in the minors, but speaking as someone who plays professional baseball and is surrounded by many former AAA minor league players, I just don’t see him being up to snuff.

However, let’s take Pompey out of the equation for now and fill him with some other prospect. (Feel free to slot a potential prospect in the comment section.)

Imagine we got Price.  People forget about Marcus Stroman, and although no one wants to rush him back, it’s hard not to imagine a late season rotation with him in it.

Check out this article that talks about how high octane Stroman’s workouts are already.  He’s sprinting, doing weights, pool workouts and yes, throwing hard.

If the Jays are still in it, expect him back in September.  He’s a bulldog and you gotta love it as a Jays fan.

Imagine this rotation:  Price, Mark Buerhle, Stroman, Drew Hutchison and Marco Estrada.  Now add late relievers Aaron Sanchez, Roberto Osuna, Bo Schultz, Brett Cecil, Steve Delabar, and Miguel Castro.

You can also slide Aaron Loup in there and you have R.A. Dickey as an emergency starter.  Umm…Wow.

Price is a legit number one, Buerhle does his thing, Stroman is a stud, Hutch would be a dominant four starter and Estrada has arguably been the best starter as of late.  Then with those guys throwing smoke in the bullpen, that’s a seriously fierce pitching staff for the opposition to worry about.

Please, tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’ve lost my mind.  Because looking at the above, I’m straight up salivating.

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