Toronto Raptors Optimistic, But Unlikely to Sign Wes Matthews


Toronto Raptors Optimistic, But Unlikely to Sign Wes Matthews

Despite meeting with the Toronto Raptors, it is unlikely that the team will sign free agent Wes Matthews, as the Dallas Mavericks have reportedly agreed in principle to a four-year deal with the 28-year-old guard, according to’s David Aldridge.

There is a lot of factors to consider here, though. According to sources like’s Tim MacMahon, the Mavs chances of signing the 28-year-old guard hinge on what happens with free agent DeAndre Jordan.

MacMahon’s fear of the Kings making a huge offer also came to fruition Thursday night, when’s Marc Stein reported that the Kings extended a four-year, $64 million offer to Matthews.

However, it was later reported by Stein that Matthews’ camp informed that Kings that he is unlikely to take their offer.

Since both the Raptors and Mavs are offering Matthews less than that, reportedly in the neighbourhood of $12 million, the Kings on and off-court situation clearly drove Matthews away from Sac-town.

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Considering the cap is exponentially increasing over the next two seasons, that might not be a bad idea on his part, especially if the Raptors or Mavs include a player option entering the final year of his contract.

But enough about the Mavs and Kings, let’s look at this from the Raptors angle. With roughly $9 million in cap space, the Raptors would have to sign Matthews in a sign-and-trade deal, which would most likely include either Terrence Ross or James Johnson. Both players are moveable assets and would free up close to $15 million in cap space.

Another option is the Raptors can sign Carroll to a progressively rising contract that increases each year, essentially backloading his deal. Either way, the Raps will have to get creative or shed some salary. provided a great overview of the Raptors salary cap situation, where you can see why signing Matthews is a bit trickier than just throwing $12 million his way.

Receiving a player with upside like Terrence Ross is enticing for the Blazers, which could make this signing work should things fall apart with the Mavs.

With Matthews in the mix, the Raptors are apparently considering a lineup of Matthews at shooting guard, DeRozan at small forward, and Carroll at power forward. The trendy small ball lineup would give the Raps a ton of options on the perimeter, but at the same time, would that mean a diminished role for Jonas Valanciunas?

We should receive more clarity on Matthews situation today, but there is lots of food for thought here, even though it does sound like he will sign with Dallas.

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