Argonauts: Arbuckle excited to join Toronto but tempering expectations

Nick Arbuckle #9 of the Calgary Stampeders. (Photo by Brent Just/Getty Images)
Nick Arbuckle #9 of the Calgary Stampeders. (Photo by Brent Just/Getty Images) /

Nick Arbuckle’s path to the Toronto Argonauts didn’t go the way he expected but the new quarterback feels like he’s found himself in the right situation.

He’s been so overwhelmed by everything that has transpired the past few days that he hasn’t been able to respond to all the messaged that he’s received. The most notable messages have been the

"“I still haven’t had a chance to get back to everybody yet. I’ve had to just put my phone down a couple of times and relax . Taking care of a baby throughout the day doesn’t allow me to have a lot of free time to get back to everybody all at once,” Arbuckle said on a Zoom call. “Eric (Rogers) and Bresc (Juwan Brescacin) are guys that I’ve been talking to throughout the off-season.It’s been a tremendous feeling to know that so many people are excited for me to be there, just as I’m excited to be here.”"

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Arbuckle admitted he was disappointed with how the situation played out in Ottawa considering he and his agent were trying to find a fair compromise. As they got close to the deadline, Arbuckle realized that the situation was more about money considering how much he was willing to sacrifice.

In a way, the ability to work with Ryan Dinwiddie makes him even more excited considering the weapons he will have to work with especially the ones he has played with the last few years in Calgary. It’s the familiarity with that system and the work he has done with Dinwiddie that has him excited to come to Toronto.

While not being able to play in 2020 was tough, it provided Arbuckle with the opportunity to be a full-time father to his newborn daughter Aaliyah. There will be another adjustment for him and his family as they prepare to make the move once again but that comes with the business.

Argonauts: Nick Arbuckle remaining focused on being the best quarterback

Going into the first year with the Argos, Arbuckle is remaining focused on delivering the best performance that he can which will start when training camp opens.

He admits that hasn’t thought too much about taking on the task of solidifying the quarterback position because he feels that would be putting on unnecessary pressure on him in his first year.

"“I’m not trying to focus too much on the history or legacy of what had happened in Toronto before. Like I respect people that have done really great things,” Arbuckle explains. “I know Toronto has won a lot of Grey Cups, and has had a ton of Hall of Fame players, including the general manager, and it’s an incredible legacy, but moving forward, I just want to focus on what I can control what I can accomplish on the field to make sure that I’m the best quarterback I can possibly be for Toronto.”"

Arbuckle expects the offence to be focused on scoring a lot of points and going with a lot of pass plays which is what the Stampeders are known for. The quarterback admits that the style of play he expects will be something fans will be excited to watch each and every week.

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The Argos are just hoping that this new era they want to usher in has the right foundation and are willing to bet on Dinwiddie and Arbuckle to bring some of that success from Calgary to Toronto.