Toronto Argonauts bring back classic boat logo with modern twist

The Toronto Argonauts are going back to the classic boat logo that will try to give the team a much-needed refresh and hopefully a revitalized passion.

When the Toronto Argonauts brought the boat logo back last season, many fans were hoping that the once-beloved design would stick around permanently and now many are getting their wish.

The team revealed a modern redesign of the boat logo that has two tones of blue (Cambridge Blue and Oxford Blue) that throws back to the team’s history with the Argonaut Rowing Club. It certainly provides a retro flair and a significant shift from the Argonauts shield or single “A” logo that was a staple for the team since 1988.

Now the shield isn’t going away but it’s clear that the team wants to push towards something that’s refreshed and usher in a new direction under new general manager Michael “Pinball” Clemons.

“We are so excited to bring back a logo that is beloved by so many Toronto Argonauts fans,” Clemons said in a team release. “This contemporary redesign of one of our most iconic emblems reinforces the great tradition of the Argonauts while continuously steering towards the horizon and our future. The boat is back, and our passion lives on!”

Of course, a new logo is just the continuation of Toronto’s plans to revitalize the team which started with a makeover of the roster during the off-season. Having the 2020 season cancelled put a damper on the work they were doing.

Now the league and Argos will be trying to regain some momentum for the 2021 season with the Grey Cup Unite week. Argos president Bill Manning, Clemons and head coach  Ryan Dinwiddie will be hosting a State of the Argos address to discuss the team’s future on Nov. 17.

There are still many questions that the league will have to answer about the 2021 season but at least the Argonauts are putting in the effort to move forward. One of those things was allowing fans to buy customizable jerseys which has been something fans and players were hoping for.

What do you think about the Argos new logo? What are you looking for next from the team to accomplish ahead of the 2021 season? Let us know in the comments below.