Toronto Blue Jays: Trevor Bauer continues to stir free agent pot

Trevor Bauer #27 of the Cincinnati Red. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Trevor Bauer #27 of the Cincinnati Red. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Once again, Trevor Bauer continues to have fun on social media putting the Toronto Blue Jays on his free agency radar but is he just stirring the pot?

Going into this off-season, no pitcher will get more attention from teams than Trevor Bauer and it appears the Toronto Blue Jays are the centre of this.

There has been a lot of eyes on Bauer’s Twitter account in 2020 and Blue Jays fans have been the centre of his latest exploits. MLB Network looked at why Toronto would be a good fit for Bauer and of course, he had something to say about it.

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You can’t blame him for sending that tweet and MLB should be thankful that Bauer is generating this much buzz towards free agency. Frankly, baseball could use more players like Bauer to be more open on social media.

Now, for some Blue Jays, Bauer hasn’t been their favourite considering he tweeted to Randal Grichuk asking if the fanbase still hated him after a tweet he sent following a game where he helped the Cleveland Indians win in 19 innings.

It’s no secret that Bauer would be a significant addition for the Blue Jays considering he recorded 100 strikeouts and a 1.73 ERA in 2020. This also means that he’ll draw a lot of interest from teams and this is a situation where Toronto’s front office will need to make it known that they are willing to go after a big name once again.

Of course, Bauer is making it known that he wants to command a high salary considering the teams he’s reached out to on his free agency campaign on Twitter. After letting Chase Anderson go by opting for a $500,000 buyout, the team could look to move Tanner Roark’s deal to create more space.

Getting Bauer would also give the Blue Jays a rotation that could have him in the No. 1 spot followed by Hyun-Jin Ryu and Nate Pearson which would be a formidable group. It would also give you a chance to keep your younger arms in the minors to develop more or use them in the bullpen as well.

If anything, just appreciate Bauer providing some form of entertainment considering there won’t as much considering how many teams are going with a smaller payroll.

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Do you think the Blue Jays should make Bauer a priority in free agency? What would you offer him? Let us know in the comments below.