Toronto Blue Jays’ offence continues impressive stretch despite injuries

Without Bo Bichette and Teoscar Hernandez in the lineup, the Toronto Blue Jays’ offence hasn’t missed a beat as they continue to entertain.

If there is one thing the Toronto Blue Jays have proven this season, never count them out of a game.

There is something to be said about the tough breaks this team has had to deal with but instead of letting that define them, they are succeeding despite it. Bo Bichette’s absence hasn’t had the impact many would have expected and there was a similar sentiment with Teoscar Hernandez sidelined.

Going up against the New York Yankees, Toronto found themselves in a 6-2 deficit but that was until Chad Green and Adam Ottavino allowed the Blue Jays to power their way back with a remarkable 10-run inning. Seeing Danny Jansen hit a grand slam shows the confidence this team has and hopefully something they can continue to lean on.

This team has proven this season, they are comfortable playing in one-run games with Monday night’s game a rare blowout. Of course, the starting pitching has been a bit of a concern but the Blue Jays are certainly confident that their offence and bullpen can help them overcome a poor start.

At times you wonder if this Blue Jays squad can continue this onslaught they are on and then they have a game like this and the doubt starts to fade. While it’s certainly too early to draw any comparisons to 2015, you get the sense that the excitement is starting to find its way back.

It’s really too bad that this is all being done in a time where fans aren’t able to go to the ballpark because you can bet the Rogers Centre would have been buzzing with fans. With the Blue Jays winning their ninth game over their past 13, this is not something that should be overlooked.

What is more impressive about this streak is that Toronto has been dealing with a gruelling schedule that has included doubleheaders and little to no days off. It probably explains some of the tough injuries they have been dealing with which don’t appear to be taking as big of a role as we expected.

How impressed have you been with the Blue Jays lately? Can they sustain this? Let us know in the comments below.