Toronto Raptors: Vince Carter’s legacy remains complicated

Toronto Raptors forward Vince Carter. (Jed Jacobsohn /Allsport)
Toronto Raptors forward Vince Carter. (Jed Jacobsohn /Allsport) /

Vince Carter announced his retirement and looking back on his career, his legacy with the Toronto Raptors still remains complicated.

Ask anybody what they thought about Vince Carter‘s tenure with the Toronto Raptors and you will always get mixed feelings.

For one section of the fanbase, they recall how Vinsanity put the team on the map while others will always remember his messy departure and troubled relationship afterwards. Those wounds took a long time to heal and while some have found it in their hearts to forgive him, the same can’t be said for others.

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When Carter admitted he didn’t give his all for the Raptors at the time, most saw that as him quitting on the team which is tough to let go. That’s why any debate about whether his number should be retired by the Raptors is like a tug of war.

There is no denying how Carter put this team on the map and established basketball in Canada; with his appearance in the dunk contest, he made himself a superstar that the Raptors desperately needed. Of course, with all the happened on the court, not winning a title will probably be the biggest regret not only for Carter but the Raptors as well.

When it comes to honouring Carter, it wouldn’t be surprising if that were to happen someday down the road. However, if we are talking about who should have their jersey retired first, the Raptors should save the honour for Kyle Lowry‘s No. 7 being raised to the rafters first.

However even Lowry admitted that the fifth overall pick from 1998 deserves to be honoured.

Now, if the Raptors do decide to honour Carter before Lowry, it would certainly be a polarizing moment and bring up a big debate. It might not be the most popular decision but when you look at the perception among the organization, media and those close to the team, it seems like a no-brain decision.

How long can people hold a grudge against Carter? At some point it will get exhausting and pointless, considering the state the franchise is in right now.

Look no further than how the team responded to losing Kawhi Leonard after only one season with the team. Instead of descending into madness and being petty about Leonard leaving, we embraced the current team and supported them. Now they are among the NBA’s elite.

So while Carter’s legacy still remains a highly debated topic among people in Toronto, there is no denying the impact he had and hopefully, the future Hall of Famer can get some closure and honoured by the team.

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What are your thoughts on Carter’s legacy with the Raptors with him now leaving the game? Should he get his jersey retired one day? Let us know in the comments below.