Buffalo Sabres: Emotional rant from fan a hard dose of reality

On a local radio show, a Buffalo Sabres fan let out what seemed like a decade’s worth of frustration and it’s surprising that it took this long.

To say it has been a tough stretch for the Buffalo Sabres would be an understatement and it appears the fanbase is reaching a tipping point.

During a call-in segment on WGR 550, a fan — named Duane — was given the time to share his frustrations while talking with Schoop and the Bulldog. The caller didn’t mince his words when he discussed the issues with the organization over the past few years.

“It’s mind-boggling how we’ve fallen this far. I was cautiously optimistic coming into this season, because I wasn’t fully expected playoffs, but I was happy with how the season started because the competitiveness was there.”

It’s hard to argue against this because the Sabres certainly started the season with the opportunity to show that they were going down the right path. Now, there’s no telling what will come next as Buffalo continues to fall further down the standings.

We wrote earlier this week how the Sabres find themselves in a tough predicament considering Jack Eichel has taken his game to the next level but hasn’t had the support that a star player like him needs.

Against the Montreal Canadiens. the Sabres played a close game but once again they came up short with Eichel scoring the lone goal. You are going to have your off-nights but of course, this isn’t a new situation for Buffalo.

You have to feel for the Sabres fans who are seeing Eichel perform at an elite level after scoring his 30th goal of the season and can’t seem to lay to break past other teams in the Atlantic Division.

One area the caller pointed to as a concern among fans is owner Terry Pegula who appears to have a disconnect with his fans and has made some questionable decisions since purchasing the team. It appears to have nothing to do with his financial commitment but the direction of the team.

This is a similar ordeal the Buffalo Bills went through for years but it appears they are on the right path. The question is how long will Sabres fans remain patient before they demand real change because the current formula isn’t showing the results they were expecting.

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How long can the Sabres continue to struggle before the fanbase start to lose patience? Let us know in the comments below. 

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