Toronto Maple Leafs: William Nylander finding dominant form

William Nylander pushed his goal streak to five games as he continues to prove his value for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

It’s fascinating to see the impact confidence can have on a player.  Just look at the impact William Nylander is having on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Scoring in his fifth straight game, there’s no denying that Nylander is finding the consistency that eluded him last season although there were many reasons for that. Now, it’s safe to say the 23-year-old is finding that dominant form he promised he was going to bring this season.

If you are wondering how Nylander continues to produce like he has, just look at what he’s doing to get on the scoresheet. During Wednesday’s game against the Dallas Stars, he parked himself in front of the net picking up a juicy rebound after scoring on a breakaway against the Nashville Predators.

At this point, trying to make excuses or devaluing Nylander’s importance on the Leafs seems counterproductive when you consider he’s been one the team’s more consistent offensive producers since November.

It helps that playing with John Tavares has unlocked more of his potential especially because he is finding a way to extend plays in the offensive zone and take more quality chances on net. He is also one of the top puck carriers on the team which helps him break the puck out of the defensive zone with more ease than others.

You can talk about how he isn’t willing to go into the dirty areas, how he isn’t the first in the corner to get the loose puck or willing to take a hit to make a play but if he is doing what he’s being paid to do and the team is winning, then isn’t that what’s more important.

Unfortunately, people seem to obsess over his holdout from last season while others are seeing him making up for it. That’s totally fine because his soft style of play has him sitting 26th in points and 12th in goals in the NHL.

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What has impressed you about Nylander’s play this season? What does he have to do to earn a better reputation? Let us know in the comments below.

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