Toronto Raptors: Terence Davis continues to show potential with career night

Getting his first career start, Terence Davis made sure to make the most of it with a standout performance for the Toronto Raptors.

Not too long ago, Nick Nurse had some harsh criticism for Terence Davis and it appears that lit the fire the undrafted rookie needed to give the Toronto Raptors a necessary boost.

Time and time again the Raptors injuries get magnified and for good reason but the narrative that has developed as a result has made for a nice story. At the same time, it’s also getting to the point where you wonder how much longer the team can continue to stay in contention.

Then you watch Davis put up a career-high 23 points on a night where the Raptors struggled to score in the second half but found a way to get another win in overtime against the Charlotte Hornets. Of course, it was not without an unreal layup from Kyle Lowry who continues to lead by example with a lineup full of younger unproven players stepping up in the spotlight.

Imagine how many teams are wondering what could have been considering Davis was undrafted but it appears to provide the motivation he’s needed to get his game in shape. He is even showing some fight having a war of words with Terry Rozier at the buzzer which might seem insignificant but it also speaks to Davis’ character and what has made him a valuable player this season.

Considering the team’s lack of scoring options, any time the Raptors can get a player like Davis to get the game started with 13 points in the opening quarter is going to alleviate some pressure off of a player like Lowry who has been asked to do a lot this lately.

Whether this is something that can continue remains to be seen which is why Masai Ujiri is probably making calls to see what the trade market looks like. Fortunately, the Raptors have some time off but will have a tough opponent on Sunday when DeMar DeRozan and the San Antonio Spurs come to town on Jan. 12.

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It still remains to be seen how long we can expect Pascal Siakam, Marc Gasol and Norman Powell to be out but if they even get one back you will take it.

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