Toronto Maple Leafs Podcast: Regressing play becoming a growing concern

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The Toronto Maple Leafs’ struggles reach a new level on the latest podcast episode, we discuss what needs to change to get the team back on track.

It has been a tough time for the Toronto Maple Leafs as they continue to play below the expectations placed on them and many are wondering if big changes need to be made to turn things around.

David Morassutti, Austin Owens and Jake Middleton discuss on the latest episode of the Tip of the Tower Podcast what continues to be the problem and how they can get back on track.

Here is a summary of what to look for on the latest episode, which you can also listen to below or download here.

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On the episode we discuss the recent loss to the New York Islanders and why it’s concerning based on what has happened in the last stretch. How much should the team’s struggles fall on Mike Babcock or is this on the players not getting the job done?

Kyle Dubas addressed the media after cancelling practice and made it a point to defend Cody Ceci who has received a fair amount of criticism so far this season.

Did the Leafs general manager get too carried away with the moves he made in the off-season especially the contracts he signed? Jake gives his thoughts on how he wouldn’t do anything drastically different but would take a different approach.

David wonders if there is a solution to getting the Leafs’ special teams back on track especially the power play which is inexcusably below league average considering the talent the Leafs have.

Jake doesn’t understand why Babcock should be playing his top end players more like the Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins are right now and Austin explains that part of it has to do with his philosophy which is why people are calling for him to be fired.

They look at the next stretch of games and wonder if this will determine Babcock’s future going forward.

Leafs can’t continue to play below expectations. dark. Next

What do you think the Leafs need to do to get on track during the next stretch of games? How much pressure should there be on Babock to make some changes or do you think he’s getting close to losing his job? Let us know in the comments below.