Toronto Blue Jays: Guerrero Jr. a victim of MLBPA error during negotiation

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /

We know hindsight is 20/20, so why do we question what the Toronto Blue Jays brass is doing with regards to Vladimir Guerrero Jr?

The Toronto Blue Jays have an absolute stud prospect in Vladimir Guerrero Jr…and they know it. He has the talent to change the direction of this franchise for YEARS, and protecting the investment is something the team should seriously consider.

Now, I admit this year has been a tough one for me as a fan. I found myself, even last year, fading to the periphery of fandom for this team. I am not a bandwagon fan by any means, but it has been tough to watch and get emotionally involved with.

So, this is nothing more than an opinion piece, but here is my stance on the position that all parties in this matter are dealing with. You made your bed…now lie in it.

Does it suck for the fans. Yes.

Does it suck for the MLBPA. Yep.

Does it suck for Guerrero Jr. himself. Absolutely. More his wallet than anything else.

Does it suck for the Blue Jays. Absolutely NOT.

Let’s take a step back and see this whole thing for what it really is. A business. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

The Blue Jays brass are responsible to one entity and one entity only. The ownership group.

Do you think the brass at Rogers would prefer to put off Guerrero’s contract for one more year and keep him in the fold for a little bit longer? Well, probably not, as the money he would get is nothing more than a drip in their bucket.

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However, it is STILL a business. Protect your investment.

Do they owe us nothing more than to meld the best product they can on the field, for as long as they can…and keep putting our butts in seat? Nope.

That’s the blatant truth. Unfortunately.

Now, as far as the MLBPA is concerned. No sympathy at all.

The rules that are in place from the CBA are being followed by the Blue Jays management. MLBPA can cry and moan all they want but it is their misstep; or their representatives anyway.

The Blue Jays have the right to wait until the second week of next season to bring Guerrero Jr. up without burning a year of his UFA eligibility, so why wouldn’t they? There are two trains of thought really.

One – great idea! Keep the horse in the stable as long as you can and then unleash him on to MLB pitchers like a firestorm.

And he will, because THIS. KID. CAN. MASH. The Jays need to have some thing to draw fans next year and this stud could be that thing on his own. Selling tickets and jacking merchandise out of the shops.

Or two – because the Jays are out of it this year (and let’s be honest, chances are good they are in a tough spot to even be a glimmer next year), bring Guerrero Jr. up when it doesn’t mean anything, so he can develop in a starting role and get his swings..

If I am being completely honest, I am okay with the former of the two. Let him simmer for a bit. Perhaps get some guidance under the new manager and his philosophy.

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However, this is an afterthought. The real point I am trying to make is, no one can complain about how the Jays have handled the situation.

But in saying that, let’s have some honest transparency from general manager Mark Shapiro as well. Don’t tell us it is about Guerrero Jr’s defense…when we can all see what it is really about.