Toronto Maple Leafs: Too much being made of Matthews’ silence after loss

TORONTO, ON - APRIL 19: Tommy Wingels
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 19: Tommy Wingels /

Auston Matthews didn’t speak to the media following the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Game 4 loss and naturally, some fans were level-headed about it

I feel like I will have this phrase written on my tombstone: Toronto Maple Leafs‘ fans don’t deserve nice things. Auston Matthews might be one of those things.

Once again, fans displayed their normal, calm demeanour when the Leafs dropped Game 4 to the Boston Bruins, which put them one game away from another round-one exit.

It wasn’t until after the game that the hot take machine was fired up.

Godspeed, Auston. We hardly knew thee.

Matthews was already in the headlines after the second game of the series, when the Leafs star gave a very candid answer to a question regarding the Bruins’ first line’s scoring.

While the Bruins’ line is firing, the Leafs’ top line has struggled. With just one point apiece for himself and William Nylander through four games, it’s definitely not the start they or anyone else envisioned before the series started.

Maybe, just maybe, the 20-year-old Matthews didn’t want to answer another round of questions regarding his ineffectiveness in the series, or how his line isn’t living up to the ridiculous numbers the opposition’s first line is posting.

Or maybe he’s just a terrible leader, amirite?

Back in 2014, then Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf didn’t meet with the media following a 5-3 loss to the St. Louis Blues. He was dragged through the mud on social media, deemed an unfit leader of the team. That seemed like the moment Phaneuf was in trouble in Toronto.

That situation was a lot worse than this. After all, Phaneuf was actually the captain of the Leafs at the time. While Matthews has been pegged as the next player to don the “C” for the Buds, he isn’t wearing a letter yet.

Matthews is one game removed from scoring the game-winning goal to give the Leafs their only win of the series so far.

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Again, he’s 20-years-old, holding the expectations of an entire city and one of the biggest franchises in the NHL on his shoulders. So heaven forbid he doesn’t give a quote post-game after being frustrated all series.

This isn’t aimed at the media. They are trying to get their quotes in order to do their job. But fans, please, spare me with the “Auston Matthews isn’t leader material” crap I’ve had to see on social media.

Matthews is likely to be the next captain of the Leafs and when it’s all said and done, he will likely be the greatest Leaf of all-time.

One playoff performance does not a career make. The Leafs are still building towards becoming a contender, and Matthews is the centrepiece of that. Put the pitchforks away. It’s one series. The Leafs should play in many more in the future if the plan works out.

This is also another possibility.

Note: As finished writing this piece, Matthews has spoken to the media, so step away from that ledge. <3

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Is the criticism for Matthews justified or are some fans getting carried away? Let us know in the comments below.