Toronto Raptors Rumour: Potential Vince Carter reunion being discussed

TORONTO - NOVEMBER 3: Vince Carter
TORONTO - NOVEMBER 3: Vince Carter /

A recent report suggests the Toronto Raptors are considering bringing Vince Carter back for what would be a memorable playoff run.

While the Toronto Raptors were unable to make a big splash at the NBA trade deadline, there is still a chance the team could make a move that would likely send the Canadian basketball world into a frenzy.

Sportsnet’s Michael Grange reported that the Raptors have discussed the possibility of bringing back Vince Carter as a buyout signing. A possibility that will have many supporters and maybe some doubters, but at this point what harm would it do?

It would certainly do great justice, given how things ended when he requested a trade out of Toronto. Time has certainly healed those wounds, but what are the chances that the reunion can happen?

In order for any of this to be possible the Sacramento Kings would have to buy out the 41-year-old, so at this point Raptors’ fans would have to wait and see.

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Even if Carter is not the same dynamic player that helped put the Raptors on the map when he started his career, there is a benefit with the play he can provide on the wing. Masai Ujiri knows his team does not need a major upgrade, as evident by the approach he took at the trade deadline.

Would the decision to bring Carter in take away from what the team has accomplished this season, or would it provide a moral boost towards a legitimate chance to go to the Finals?

This is what Grange had to say about the impact Carter could have on the Raptors if he was added to the roster:

"At first glance Carter would hardly seem like the answer. He’s averaging just five points a game on 39-per-cent shooting — although he’s converting a respectable 36 per cent of his long-range attempts — while playing 16.6 minutes for the woeful Kings.But look a little deeper and there are some interesting nuggets: Carter has played 10 games this season with three or more day’s rest. And a well-rested Carter is still pretty potent as he’s averaging 9.4 points in 20 minutes a game while shooting 59 per cent from three (19-of-34) and 50 per cent from two."

Again with nothing guaranteed, Raptors fans will have to play the waiting game, but if the possibility to add Carter were to come up it would be tough to say no.

The Cleveland Cavaliers made it known that they refuse to go down without a fight, but that should not be the Raptors’ main reason for considering Carter. It should be his experience and potential to bring another possibility in a series where the Raptors need some scoring off the bench.

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What do you think about the Vince Carter rumour? Does it make sense for the Raptors? Let us know in the comments below.