Could the Buffalo Sabres trade for Alex Galchenyuk?

MONTREAL, QC - JANUARY 07: Alex Galchenyuk
MONTREAL, QC - JANUARY 07: Alex Galchenyuk /

While the Buffalo Sabres are clearly in a position to sell at the trade deadline, they still need to look towards building for the future and Alex Galchenyuk could be a target.

The Buffalo Sabres are set to make a lot of noise at the trade deadline. However, that noise is surrounded around players leaving the club rather than joining them.

The name that has come to the mind for months now is Evander Kane. A host of teams have been linked to the Vancouver native, and his expiring contract suggests the winger will be gone after this season regardless.

Yet, the Blades can make a couple of splash moves of their own if they want to. Nothing more than prospects and picks will likely arrive for both Kane and Benoit Pouliot. The Sabres, though, could fill up some winger vacancies if they consider Alex Galchenyuk.

The immediate thought is that Galchenyuk isn’t leaving the Montreal Canadiens any time soon. However, sources show that Claude Julien‘s trust in the youngster is starting to dip along with Galchenyuk’s production.

The 23-year-old was a one-time 30 goal scorer for the Habs, but the tallies have seen a decrease over the years. However, the media might be taking it too hard on the Wisconsin native, as he has a decent 11 goals and 15 assists on the campaign thus far.

Sportsnet notes some of Julien’s comments to the press on Galchenyuk. The publication even goes on to say Montreal needs to do something soon in order to get more production from the winger:

"A lot of that is on Galchenyuk. He needs to be properly prepared mentally and physically, willing to sacrifice to the expected level on the ice, willing to work at both ends of it, and he has to adhere to the system that’s been put in place.“A player has to do more than score goals,” coach Claude Julien said after playing Galchenyuk a team-low 9:18 in Thursday’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Calgary Flames. “That applies to everyone. So he has to be better without the puck, win battles along the boards, those things are important. In a tie game, he wasn’t that good tonight along the boards, so I decided to shorten my bench.”"

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Kane and Galchenyuk can be considered in the same boat. Each player seems to be rushed in a way. It’s either development or the trust to sign when the respective contract expires. Both look set to be traded in the near future.

Galchenyuk has been linked with a short list of clubs, but a move coming close has yet to be seen. Jason Botterill will likely have some holes in the offense that need to be filled now and in the future, and Galchenyuk can fill the spots perfectly.

The American likely needs time away from the national spotlight. The Habs aren’t offering much on the offensive side either, giving him little to nothing to work with.

Plus, imagine Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart feeding a scoring winger like Galchenyuk for the years ahead.

The winger’s contract is set to expire in a couple more years. Galchenyuk’s cap hit hovers around $4.5 million, but that’s not a crazy amount, especially if Buffalo offload what is to be expected at the deadline.

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It will definitely take a great offer to get Montreal interested. Prospects such as Brendan Guhle and/or Casey Mittelstadt could be involved in the trade. At the same time however, it didn’t take much thought for the P.K. Subban and Shea Weber trade to happen either.

Speculation is just that when thinking of Galchenyuk wearing blue and gold. It seems crazy at the moment, but a trade for the winger might happen sooner than you think. Buffalo have the cards in place to swing in for the youngster.

A player that can help in the future is a must, especially since help isn’t really warranted right now with Buffalo’s position in the standings. Galchenyuk needs to find his touch in a new setting, and the Buffalo Sabres could be a perfect fit for him.

Stay tuned.

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Is Galchenyuk a trade possibility for right now or in the future? Would Montreal consider trading with the Buffalo Sabres, especially involving a player like Galchenyuk? Let us know in the comments section below.