Buffalo Bills: Well that escalated quickly

CARSON, CA - NOVEMBER 19: Nathan Peterman
CARSON, CA - NOVEMBER 19: Nathan Peterman /

If Will Ferrell is interested in making a football comedy, he could do worse than look at what’s going on with the Buffalo Bills.

If you were looking for the football equivalent of a Will Ferrell movie, you’d be hard pressed to find a team better suited than the Buffalo Bills. Seriously, some of the stuff which has happened to the franchise over the years is barely believable, verging on farcical.

Even when things go right for the Bills, they still ultimately go wrong, as evidenced by appearing in four straight Super Bowls and losing them all. And I’m sure we all remember Ralph Wilson’s decision to put Rob Johnson into the starting lineup for the Bills’ last playoff game, despite the fact it was Doug Flutie who led the team to the postseason in the first place.

No fan base deserves as much grief as Bills’ supporters have suffered over the years. Their current playoff drought is not only the longest in the NFL, but also the longest among all teams in North America’s four major sports leagues.

We don’t know if Ferrell would actually be interested in making a comedy movie centered around the misfortunes of the Buffalo Bills, but he has no shortage of material. Which brings us to the latest storyline/sketch.

It involves Sean McDermott’s decision to bench Tyrod Taylor and replace him with a rookie fifth round pick, even though the Bills were still in a playoff spot. (I can almost hear people chuckling already.)

Nathan Peterman started off the game well enough, even completing a 20-yard pass to the Bills’ newest receiver, Kelvin Benjamin. However, here’s where the farcical nature of being a Buffalo Bills fan comes into play.

On the completion, Benjamin suffered a knee injury and missed the rest of the game. Then it got worse, as Peterman threw his first interception, which was returned 59-yards for a Chargers’ touchdown.

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In fairness to the rookie the pick wasn’t his fault, after Patrick DiMarco made a dog’s dinner of a perfectly thrown pass. Regardless, it started a sequence of events which had to be seen to be believed.

Before you knew it, Peterman had surpassed Taylor’s interception total of three for the season…in one half. Just for good measures, the 23-year-old threw a fifth pick, before McDermott finally put him out of his misery.

We never agreed with the decision to bench Taylor to begin with. Regardless, the Buffalo Bills head coach has now put himself in an awkward position, potentially losing the trust of his players along the way. (Many were surprised by the move to start Peterman in the first place.)

Where the Bills go from here remains to be seen, although the punchline almost seems destined to be a playoff drought extending to 18 seasons. Someone get Ferrell on the line as soon as possible, because this is comedy gold.

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What was your take from Sunday’s game in Los Angeles? Are you still invested in trusting the process, or have the events of the last week affected your opinion of McDermott? (Assuming you were invested in the first place.) Share your thoughts in the comments section.