Buffalo Bills: Is Tyrod Taylor finished in Western New York?

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Sean McDermott has benched Tyrod Taylor, leading to questions of if the quarterback’s time with the Buffalo Bills is nearly up?

They say a week is a long time in show business. Well, it seems a day is a long time in professional sports, if the latest move by the Buffalo Bills is anything to go by.

On Monday, when asked about the future of Tyrod Taylor Bills’ head coach Sean McDermott was adamant he would remain as the starter. Despite the team suffering a humiliating 47-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints, McDermott said:

"“I believe in Tyrod Taylor and he is our starter. I’ve seen Tyrod grow and take steps forward this year.”"

However, as noted by Brayton Wilson of WGR 550, McDermott had changed his mind by Tuesday, deciding to bench Taylor. Rookie Nathan Peterman will now start against the Los Angeles Chargers this coming Sunday.

McDermott confirmed the move during his Wednesday morning press conference. He was quick to stress the decision was made by him alone, after speaking to general manager Brandon Beane.

The former Carolina Panthers’ defensive coordinator claimed he still has confidence in the 2015 Pro Bowler. However, it’s hard to believe this, given what has now transpired.

So what prompted the move, especially so soon after declaring Taylor was still the starter? As reported by Matthew Fairburn of newyorkupstate.com, McDermott said:

"“Really it’s about becoming a better team. Like every position, the quarterback position is no different. I understand the headline part of it as you guy are typing away this morning. I understand that. Every position is evaluated and that’s the direction I decided to go.”"

This leads to the question of if the Buffalo Bills have made the right move? Entering Week 11, they still sit in a playoff place.

There’s no denying Taylor had a nightmare on Sunday, in arguably his worst ever game as a starter. He completed just 50 percent of his passes for 56 yards and one pick.

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And yet, even though the quarterback is meant to lead the way, pretty much everyone on the Bill had a nightmare against the Saints. For example, the run defense gave up just under 300 yards and six touchdowns.

In general, this must be frustrating for Taylor, who saw the Buffalo Bills trade Sammy Watkins away before the season, leaving him with few quality options. Now, virtually as soon as they acquire Kelvin Benjamin and Charles Clay returns from injury, he’s yanked from the starting spot.

(In fairness, there is some belief Benjamin might not be a good match for Taylor, who often needs to see a clear opening for his receiver, before having the confidence to make the throw. The former Panther is not known for getting much separation from his man, although he overcomes this, by utilizing his size advantage.)

Those who are in favour of the move, will point to a player who was taking too many sacks. However, as alluded to already, this is a team game and the offensive line has not been as good as in previous seasons.

All of this shouldn’t be mistaken for us necessarily believing Taylor is the long-term answer at quarterback for the Bills. However, he deserved the opportunity to play this thing out, at least until the team fell out of playoff contention.

McDermott can insist all he wants about still having faith in Taylor. The head coach’s decision says otherwise and it could well mean the 28-year-old will be out of Buffalo after this season.

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What do you make of the decision to bench Taylor? Do you agree or disagree with the move, and why? Further, do you think he’s finished in Buffalo? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.