Toronto Blue Jays: Aaron Sanchez likely done for the season

TORONTO, ON - APRIL 14: Aaron Sanchez
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 14: Aaron Sanchez /

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons admits it might be too late for Aaron Sanchez to return to the rotation in 2017.

If there was one player to encapsulate this season for the Toronto Blue Jays, it would have to be Aaron Sanchez. One minute he seems like he’s on track and playing well, the next he’s gone off the rails, albeit due to his injury issues.

In that respect, it seems as if Sanchez’s recurring visits to the disabled list have finally taken their toll. At this point, there is an extremely good chance his season is finished.

At least that appears to be the case, as per the most recent comments from John Gibbons. The Blue Jays’ manager updated the media on Saturday, who proceeded to share the information via Twitter.

The first snippet came via Sportsnet‘s Mike Wilner. The Blue Jays’ broadcaster tweeted that Gibbons doesn’t know if Sanchez will pitch again this season.

However, the second piece of information, from Steve Buffery, was even less optimistic. The Toronto Sun columnist tweeted that Gibbons said it may be too late in the season now, for Sanchez to “crank it up” to pitch again.

If there is any reason for hope, it comes from the 25-year-old’s visit on Friday to New York, to see a Doctor. He was advised he is progressing well, in his ongoing battle with a blister on his right middle finger.

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Here’s the thing though, even if Sanchez does get to a position where he can return to the rotation this season, is it really worth it? Whether Blue Jays’ fans want to admit it or not, their team is extremely unlikely to qualify for a Wild Card spot now.

As such, we believe it is best if the 2010 first round draft pick is now left to recover at a leisurely pace. This is something which you can argue he was not given the luxury of, on his previous trips to the DL.

Sanchez is an excellent talent and we all know what he’s capable of, as evidenced during the 2016 campaign. He recorded a 15-2 record and 3.00 ERA in 30 starts, going on to finish seventh in the AL Cy Young voting.

Give the 2016 All-Star a chance to recovery properly from his blister issue. Doing this will surely maximize his chances of returning to his previous form, once next season begins.

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Where do you stand on Sanchez? If there’s a chance for him to return this season, would you take it? Or would you prefer to shut him down now, given a Wild Card spot is pretty much out of reach. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.