Toronto Argonauts: Ricky Ray keeps on ticking


Despite entering the latter stages of his playing career, Toronto Argonauts quarterback Ricky Ray continues to produce and set records.

This writer is on record as previously saying the Toronto Argonauts made a mistake in letting Zach Callaros and Trevor Harris leave. However, this was more to do with thinking long-term, as opposed to being a knock against Ricky Ray.

With Callaros and Harris being respectively nine and six years younger than the veteran quarterback, it just seemed to make sense to keep at least one of them around, when given the chance. With Ray struggling through significant injury issues in each of the last two seasons, this only seemed to strength the argument.

And yet here we are, six weeks into the 2017 season, with the 37-year-old more than holding his own against his two former backups. In fact, he’s even leading the CFL in passing yards.

As if to illustrate this recent resurgence — or more to the point, injury-free period — Ray set a couple of milestone at the weekend. Yes, they occurred during a loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but are still worthy of applause.

The first record was a personal one for the three-time Grey Cup champion. As a result of throwing for 386 yards versus Saskatchewan, it marked the first time in his career that he had passed for over 300 yards in six consecutive games.

The other record was arguably more significant, as Ray also set a new mark for most career passing yards in team history. In the process, he now sits at the top of the Argonauts’ leader board, ahead of the likes of Condredge Holloway, Damon Allen and Doug Flutie.

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None of those players lasted more than six seasons in the Double Blue, which is how years Ray has now played in Toronto. As such, thoughts understandably turn to how much longer he will play?

One thing which helps the three-time CFL All-Star, is his improved accuracy during the latter stages of his playing career. While he’s always been accurate, his completion percentage has risen to another level during these last five years.

Of course, it really comes down to Ray’s ongoing battle against father time and injury. For now though, he will just continue to play, as he enjoys a rebirth of sorts under new head coach, Marc Trestman.

It helps that the 2005 Grey Cup MVP isn’t taking anything for granted. Speaking to the Toronto Sun‘s Terry Koshan and other members of the media after the game in Saskatchewan, he said:

"“I’m lucky and honoured to be with a team for as long as I have been here in Toronto and some of the great players who have come through here, and to be up on top of that list, it’s special. When I am all done I can celebrate those things a little bit more.”"

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How much longer do you predict Ray can continue to produce at a high level in the CFL? Of more immediate attention, what kind of success are you predicting for him and the Argos this season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.