Toronto Blue Jays: Where do they go from here?

TORONTO, ON - JULY 9: Jose Bautista
TORONTO, ON - JULY 9: Jose Bautista /

The Toronto Blue Jays enter the All-Star break on the back of a 19-1 rout, which in many ways encapsulates the shock surrounding their season up to this point.

The great thing about statistics is they can be manipulated to support almost any argument. Let’s use the Toronto Blue Jays as an example to prove this.

As of Monday morning, the Blue Jays are just five games out of a wild card spot. Further, there are still 74 regular season games to go in 2017.

All things considered, not too bad for a team which has struggled up to this point. However, let’s now throw some other statistics into the equation.

The Blue Jays have a record of 41-47, six games under .500. They are last in the AL East and have seven teams sitting between them and that precious second wild card place.

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Further, the Jays have already played 88 games. At some point, we have to accept this is more than just a bad start to the season – Toronto is not very good at this point.

Oh, and while we’re in the process of sending Jays fans ever closer to the edge of despair, consider their position as we enter the All-Star break. The 41-47 record is their worst at this stage of the season, since 2004.

Taking all of this into account, Sunday’s 19-1 rout by the Houston Astros was the last thing they needed. Yes, the Jays split the season series with the best team in the AL, but how much consolation is this after the fourth-heaviest defeat in franchise history?

The damage was done in the second inning, when the Astros recorded five runs before a stunned crowd at the SkyDome. Starting pitcher J.A. Happ only lasted four innings, after allowing two earned runs and seven hits, while registering three walks.

Happ was understandably frustrated with his performance. Speaking to Sportsnet and other media outlets after the game, he said:

"“I’m certainly disappointed. I wasn’t very crisp today and against that lineup especially you need to be so that was a bummer.”"

Bummer sounds like an apt description for the season as a whole up to this point. However, Happ isn’t prepared to give up on 2017 just yet, although he realizes the size of the task in front of the team:

"“It’s going to take a great effort,” said Happ. “We’re going to have to find a way to climb out of there.”"

In some respects, this might be the best time for the Blue Jays to have a break. It gives them a chance to rest up, reboot and effectively start over.

Whether this actually helps them or not, is another matter entirely. Either way, we’ll probably know for sure where the Jays’ season is headed, by the time we reach the non-waiver trade deadline on July 31.

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What’s your perspective on the Jays’ season up to this point? Further, what is your belief moving forward? Are you convinced they can turn their campaign around, or is it already over as far as you’re concerned? Share your thoughts in the comments section.