Toronto Argonauts: Scott Milanovich Ready to Move on


While the Toronto Argonauts contemplate the future of Scott Milanovich, the head coach has apparently already decided it would be better to part ways.

No matter how you break it down, the 2016 campaign was an unmitigated disaster for the Toronto Argonauts. What else can you say about a season which finished with them tied for the worst record in the CFL?

In theory, it wasn’t meant to be like this, with a new ownership group in place. Throw in the move to a new home, and the Argos finally had the security their fans had been hoping for.

Things started off well enough, with the Double Blue recording a 4-2 record through the first six weeks of the season. Unfortunately for the team, this was followed by a collapse of dramatic proportions, which saw them win just one more game the rest of the way.

As a result, there is speculation that Scott Milanovich’s time is nearly up in Toronto. Certainly, the Argo’s head coach appears to be resigned to this, as reported by TSN‘s Gary Lawless shortly after the conclusion of the Argonauts’ season.

Lawless then went on to write that the 43-year old was going to head back to South Caroline to spend some time with his family and think about his future. It would appear that taking this time to decompress has given him some clarity, at least according to Steve Simmons.

Love him or hate him, the Toronto Sun sports journalist does have his contacts within the CFL. In that respect, his comments on Saturday, make for some interesting reading.

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Simmons writes: “Scott Milanovich has quietly told some people he wouldn’t mind being fired as coach of the Argos. Three reasons for that. One, he doesn’t love the setup with the Argos. Two, he has two years guaranteed left on his contract. Three, if he gets another job, he’ll be able to double dip with the Argos deal”

From a financial aspect, this makes sense. However, what is most intruguing is that Milanovich apparently does not like the current setup with the Argonauts.

Given everything the Butler, Pennsylvania native has endured during his five season in Toronto, this is telling. For example, everyone remembers the tumultuous 2015 season when the team contended with constantly changing training facilities and having to play home games in Alberta, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Of course, if the front office does decide to part ways with Milanovich, they will surely point to the performances of the team during this past season. Big things were expected in 2016, after moving to BMO Field.

However, to do this would be to forget everything the former NFL quarterback has done for the organization. Before this year, he made the playoffs three out of four season and won the 100th Grey Cup.

Overall, it is this writer’s humble opinion that Milanovich deserves at least one season to right the ship. However, objectively speaking, if he has mentally already checked out, maybe it’s best for everyone concerned, if the two sides go their separate ways.

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What’s your take on the situation regarding Milanovich? Would you prefer it if the Argonauts fired the head coach or kept him around for at least another season? Share your thoughts in the comments section.