Blue Jays: Kevin Pillar and Russell Martin Man Up in Brawl

Jose Bautista takes a blow from Rougned Odor. Photograph: Richard W Rodriguez/AP
Jose Bautista takes a blow from Rougned Odor. Photograph: Richard W Rodriguez/AP /

The Toronto Blue Jays lose 7-6 to the Texas Rangers, and the punch heard around the world sends two fan favorites into uncharted waters of aggression.

Take a look at the photo above Blue Jays fans, because it will be memed to no end if the Jays fail to do anything significant this season.

It will be a photo that will be etched in pop culture for at least the next six month to describe any celebrity feud, one liner, Instagram beef, or sports dialogue for the rest of the summer.

Especially involving Toronto sports.

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With that out of the way, let’s get to the aftermath that no one but Blue Jays fans will point out after they demolish Texas and just about anyone else in the standings come September.

First up is 2015 standout Kevin Pillar, who all but solidified not just his position in the starting nine last year, but proved he was ready to go at it any time following the sucker punch of the decade by a gutless loudmouth.

Next, let’s turn our attention to East York’s very own Russell Martin, a guy who has been in the league in 10 years and represented such esteemed and winning organizations as the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers in the past.

He was the last guy on this team that had to prove anything to anyone on either side of the bench, which gave him all the clout he needed to stare down possible Hall of Famer Prince Fielder, and the entire Texas dugout after the most obvious bean ball of 2016.

As frustrating as it was to watch Texas walk away with the W, will this be what finally kicks this team up a notch?

The Blue Jays have been hovering around .500 all year, and although a literal chin check isn’t what we had in mind, this might be enough to get everyone around the clubhouse fired up enough to start bullying the American League like they did in the second half of last season.

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Oh yeah, we’ll see you in September Rougned Odor. Hope you enjoyed that shot, because it is the closest thing to winning the Texas Rangers will have in 2016.