Toronto Blue Jays: An Open Letter to Taylor Swift and her ‘Curse’


Dear Taylor Swift,

Congrats on your wildly successful “1989” tour. While fans across North America are enjoying your sell-out performances, us baseball fans have a bone to pick with you.

Nov 12, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Recording artist Taylor Swift seen court side at the New York Knicks vs. Orlando Magic game at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the “Taylor Swift curse” that is victimizing Major League Baseball. First you were linked to the Houston Astros, who have gone from first in the West to barely clinching the second wild card spot, to blowing their clinching game in dramatic fashion on Monday.

Then you were linked to the Washington Nationals, who not only had their lights go out but also had an epic collapse that saw them compile a 32-38 record since your concert. The Nationals’ failure dropped them right out of the NL East race.

Then there’s the San Diego Padres. They weren’t even in the playoff race, but somehow they went 11-18 since your concert on August 29. We’ll just chalk that one up to bad luck, though.

Perhaps each of these teams suffered from terrible luck, but you know what they say, once an incident, twice a coincidence, three times a trend.

Well, it looks like this “trend” — or “curse” — has struck our beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Since your first show at the Rogers Centre on October 2, the Jays have compiled a 2-4 record, actually losing four-in-a-row and both home games, before winning their last two games in Arlington.

Although it’s a tiny sample size, Blue Jays’ fans across Canada would hate to see the team fall victim to the “T-Swift curse” like the Astros, Nats, and Padres have.

Besides, Blue Jays’ fans don’t have any “bad blood” towards you. We love your music so much here north of the border in Toronto that one zealous fan even made a parody song to Blank Space!

So how about a little shout out for the Toronto Blue Jays to help put an end to this dreadful curse?

Lil B gave the Blue Jays his blessing on Twitter, so how about something similar?

I know it seems comical, but baseball is an extremely superstitious and curse-prone sport. When you’ve been waiting 22-years for a return to the postseason like the Blue Jays have, we’ll take all the good luck we can get!

It’s been nothing but heartbreak for Toronto sports since 1993, so we’re both kind of waiting for it to Begin Again.

But now with our Blue Jays, we’ve been spending the last eight months, thinking all Toronto sports love does is break and burn and end. On a Wednesday, in the Rogers Centre, we could watch it begin again.

So how about it, Tay? Can you give the Blue Jays some sort of shout out to help put an end to this dreadful curse?


Toronto Blue Jays’ fans everywhere

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