Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumours: Phaneuf to Stay? Bozak Next to Go?


Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumours: Phaneuf to Stay? Bozak Next to Go?

After trading away Phil Kessel, the Toronto Maple Leafs rebuild plan is in full effect, or as some would say, operation scorched earth has begun. By trading away Kessel, the Leafs have committed themselves to building for the future, which makes us wonder about the fate of players like Dion Phaneuf, Tyler Bozak and Joffrey Lupul.

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  • All three players remain on the Maple Leafs roster today, but with the rebuild in full effect, it seems like only a matter of time before they are traded off for future assets.

    The most polarizing figure left in the Leafs’ locker room is maligned captain Dion Phanuef. No matter which way you look at, Phaneuf had a rough season last year. Between injuries, personal rumours and his performance on the ice, it was a season to forget.

    But even with the rebuild and his poor performance, there is a belief that Phaneuf will remain with the Blue and White next season.

    One person in particular who thinks Phaneuf will be a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs when the puck drops in October is Pierre LeBrun. In an appearance on TSN That’s Hockey, LeBrun had this to say about Phaneuf and other Maple Leafs like Tyler Bozak:

    "“I think as we speak Dion Phaneuf will be a Maple Leaf when the puck drops in October. Now, I’m not gonna say that 100 percent because if a team phones with the kind of offer that includes the kind of future assets that the Leafs are continuing to try and build with, then they’d have to think about it. But, unless there’s that super offer, I believe Dion Phaneuf will remain part of the mix. I think that new head coach Mike Babcock likes Phaneuf and wants to turn this around with him as part of it.Now will other guys be on the move? Certainly Tyler Bozak is in play, Joffrey Lupul. But here’s the question. Their asset value after having the kind of years they had, will it be augmented by having a better start or better year under Babcock and trade them later? Or, do you move them this summer if you get a decent offer?”– Pierre LeBrun"

    LeBrun brings up an interesting point with asset value. Yes, the Leafs want to rebuild, we all can see that. But at the same time, they want to get value for guys like Phaneuf, Bozak and Lupul. Considering how low their value is now, perhaps waiting until next season to trade them isn’t a terrible idea. Of course, that could completely backfire with an injury.

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    Depending on what happens with free agent defenceman like Cody Franson and Christian Ehrhoff, the trade market for Phaneuf might not be as strong as the Leafs would like. Maybe if the Kings whiff on Franson and/or Ehrhoff, they will once again pursue Phaneuf.

    Trading Bozak Might be Tricky

    As TSN’s Darren Dreger reported on Wednesday, the Arizona Coyotes are interested in Tyler Bozak. With Arizona needing to reach the salary cap floor, taking on a player like Bozak does make sense for them.

    However, according to Elliotte Friedman, Tyler Bozak does own a limited no-trade clause that allows him to submit a list of 12 teams that he would accept a trade too. He can always alter those rights and accept a deal to wherever if he wishes. But ultimately, Bozak has a decent amount of power when it comes to determining where he will be traded.

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