Toronto Blue Jays: 3 keys to players union accepting owners proposal

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Toronto Blue Jays
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2) More postseason teams and larger rosters

Another decision which will likely be popular with a lot of fans, is the proposal to increase the number of postseason teams from 10 to 14. As reported by CBS Sports, the team with the best record in each league would get a bye in the first round.

The other two division winners and the top wild card team in each league would have home-field advantage in the first round. The only potential sticking point for the Players Union might be that the home teams would host all three games in the first round.

(As we recently wrote, this might not matter to the Blue Jays regardless. Pending any changes to Canada’s rules on quarantining travelers to the country, the team might not be able to play home games anyway.)

However, the COVID-19 pandemic makes safety of paramount importance. Having all three games in the same place for the first round helps with this, including the aforementioned limit on travel.

Given the safety aspect combined with the ever-present risk of injuries, rosters would be increased from 26 to 30 players. However, as per CBC, there would also be a 20-man practice roster, which is a smart and important step when considering there is unlikely to be any Minor League play this year.