Toronto Raptors: 4 things we learned from media day

President Masai Ujiri of the Toronto Raptors. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
President Masai Ujiri of the Toronto Raptors. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 22: Kyle Lowry /

Kyle Lowry keeping things professional

Other than Leonard, many were curious to see what  Lowry would say about the changes made in the offseason considering he wasn’t so chatty about it at the U.S.A. Men’s Basketball camp.

Give Lowry credit for not making his personal feelings be the story and you can tell he expected the DeRozan-Leonard questions and was ready to combat them without being confrontational. He even admits that he continues to speak with his best friend and made it clear that a trade won’t change his relationship with DeRozan.

Seeing Lowry handle all these changes certainly makes life easier for Ujiri considering how other teams have had to deal with disgruntled superstars like what has been going on between Jimmy Butler and Minnesota.

"“Kyle will be all business. I know how he is,” Ujiri told reporters. “I completely understand with us, with the trade, with DeMar and that effect. That’s his best friend here for five years and it was legit with both of them. There was nothing fake about it so you understand that.”"

Lowry probably understands how crucial this season is since he isn’t getting any younger and there isn’t a clear sense of whether Leonard will stay with the Raptors past this season. At least he knows that it’s not just on him to pull this team together and the team made a big move to remain as the top teams in the East.

It is comforting to also see Lowry embrace his role as a player that set the example with his work ethic which is a commendable quality for him and reminded the media about it on Monday.

"“We come in here, come to work, and understand that’s what it is,” Lowry said about the DeRozan trade. “Me, I have to come in and be in the best shape I can be, the best player I can be, the best individual talent I can be to help my teammates and to help our team win a championship.”"

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Doug Smith of the Toronto Star brings up the importance of Lowry and Leonard finding chemistry and but knows that the experience both players have shouldn’t make it a problem.

Even though Leonard is the best player on the team, Lowry still plays a vital role considering he is one of the longest serving members on the team and is probably a player the young guys look up to. He knows the trade doesn’t change his role, if anything, it puts more of an emphasis on him being a leader during this transition.

Any doubts people might have had about Lowry should’ve been silenced with this press conference and hopefully Lowry can stay healthy and help contribute to a championship run.

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