Toronto Raptors starting to earn respect for playoff performance

TORONTO, ON - APRIL 17: Kyle Lowry
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 17: Kyle Lowry /

The Toronto Raptors have started to earn more respect with each win against the Washington Wizards in the NBA playoffs, especially from the media south of the border.

Two games into their first-round series against the Washington Wizards and the Toronto Raptors continue to show they are not the same team from past years.

Overcoming their struggles in Game 1 and earning their first 2-0 lead in a playoff series are just the latest accomplishments that have been major talking points.

Now it appears that two dominating performances in the playoffs can help change the narrative especially south of the border, where the media has not been too optimistic about the Raptors chances.

This comes after ESPN reportedly sent out a memo to staff to get their passports updated for a potential Raptors trip to the finals.

Then Jalen Rose made sure to give his former team some air time on ESPN’s “Get Up!” Is there still some scepticism about their chances going forward? Of course, but that is what has fueled the Raptors’ belief since the start of the season.

One noted analyst who has been on the Raptors’ bandwagon is Charles Barkley, who made sure to call out the fact that TNT is not broadcasting their game.

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A sweep over the Wizards would go a long way in helping the Raptors, and Barkley made their case across the league that they deserve more coverage.

Some will point at the dominant performance LeBron James had against the Indiana Pacers, which should not be ignored for obvious reasons. As long as he is carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers on his back, LeBron cannot be counted out of any series.

At least DeMar DeRozan is earning some recognition as his dunk against the Detroit Pistons. He has been nominated for dunk of the year, but has some stiff competition.

The Raptors probably care more about their performance on the court than what the media is saying, but it never hurts to be respected for the work you accomplish and that is starting to happen slowly.

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It will be up to Dwane Casey and company to show that this year is different from any other and get to the NBA Finals, where all the attention will be on them and hopefully they can live up to it.