Buffalo Bills: Time for Sean McDermott to stop being stubborn

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 26: Running back Akeem Hunt
KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 26: Running back Akeem Hunt /

How can Buffalo Bills fans trust the process, if head coach Sean McDermott won’t commit to making the smart choice at the quarterback position?

Just when you think you’re out, they drag you back in! The Buffalo Bills captured an impressive 16-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, to add another chapter to what has been a roller coaster ride of emotions in 2017.

The question is, does the Week 12 win represent a return to genuine playoff contention? Or is it merely a case of the Bills lighting up the fans’ hopes for the umpteenth time, before yet again stomping the fire out?

It’s the Bills so, fair or not, predictions will levitate towards the latter. However, there is at least some modicum of hope, based on a couple of factors.

The first relates to the competition in the AFC, in what has been a funky, unpredictable season. While 10 wins is usually the rule of thumb to give yourself a legitimate shot at a playoff spot, nine victories may well be enough this time around.

Which leads us to the second factor, i.e. the Bills’ schedule. They’re probably not going to beat the Patriots in their two matchups, but a couple of clashes with the Dolphins and one against the Colts gives them an excellent chance at those nine wins in the overall standings.

So will the Buffalo Bills do it? A big part of it will come down to head coach Sean McDermott getting off his high horse and sticking with Tyrod Taylor the rest of the way.

Taylor may well not be the long-term solution in Western New York. However, he sure as hell represents the Bills’ best chance at making the playoffs this season, which McDermott previously claimed was the aim this season.

We just don’t think the former defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, is taking the right approach to the quarterback situation. Consider his comments after the Chiefs game, as reported by The Buffalo News:

"“Tyrod is our quarterback next week,” the coach said. “What’s important now is what just happened this week and where we’re going next week and that’s what we’re focused on,”"

So essentially, if the Bill lose next Sunday, McDermott could use this an excuse to go back to Nathan Peterman. However, there’s one significant problem with this – the opposition.

The game at New Era Field will represent the first of this season’s meetings with the Patriots. It just doesn’t seem right Taylor may lose his job again, if the Bills get beat next Sunday.

Last time we checked, the Patriots usually do pretty damn well against most teams they face, with them being particularly clinical when it comes to facing the Buffalo Bills. New England has a barely believable record of 29-4 against Buffalo, dating back to the second meeting in the 2000 season.

Pure and simple, the Patriots own the Bills and, as with the Saints game, Taylor should not be made the scapegoat for the entire team failing to turn up. Besides, as we noted, Buffalo can still realistically make the playoffs without taking either Patriots game.

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Now, as per the reference to the Saints game, it will take a lot more than just the play of Taylor to finally end the longest active playoff drought in the NFL. Regardless, he deserves the opportunity to keep his job and essentially be treated with more respect by McDermott, whose stubbornness could be potentially damaging.

(We never agreed with the decision to bench Taylor in the first place. But to then stick with Peterman as he continued to tally more interceptions against the Chargers, defied belief.)

For his part, Taylor has been the epitome of class throughout the entire saga, showing that he is all about the team. When made aware of McDermott’s comments about the quarterback situation, as reported by The Buffalo News, he merely said: “One week at a time.”

Taylor is a leader and you can see why he is so well-respected by his fellow players within the locker room. If McDermott is smart, he will do the right thing and name the 2015 Pro Bowler the starter for the remainder of the season, or at least until the Buffalo Bills are officially eliminated from the playoffs.

It’s all very well telling everyone to trust the process. Now, it’s a case of giving the fans genuine reason to actually invest in it.

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What would you do in respect of the quarterback position? Do you agree with McDermott’s stance, or does he need to commit to Taylor (or Peterman) for the rest of this season? Further, what did you take away from the Buffalo Bills’ win against the Chiefs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.