Toronto Raptors: Norman Powell drops ‘No Problem’ music video

TORONTO, ON - MAY 15: Norman Powell
TORONTO, ON - MAY 15: Norman Powell /

Toronto Raptors’ Norman Powell surprisingly put out a music video for the song ‘No Problem’ and it’s hard to tell whether it’s the best or worst video I’ve ever seen in my life.

We live in the information era and with that NBA players are realizing that playing basketball isn’t the only thing they can do. Between Damian Lillard‘s Rap Project, The Letter O (Loyal to the Soil is actually fire) and Victor Oladipo‘s RnB album, Songs for You, NBA players have spread their wings musically and it appears that Toronto Raptors‘ guard Norman Powell has entered the foray.

After partnering with Jonas Valanciunas to create the Itty Bitty Ballers last year, Go Daddy teamed up with Powell to release his first track ‘No Problem’. It’s a two-minute ditty about being able to brush off grievances of everyday life, like getting no newspaper in the morning and people forgetting your birthday. Powell, surprisingly put out a music video for the song last night and it’s hard to tell whether it’s the best or worst video I’ve ever seen in my life.

The song and video are obviously satirical in nature (complete with gold chain) but it does showcase some of the 24-year-old’s ulterior skills. Yes, that is actually Powell playing the piano in the song and yes that is Powell singing in the most monotone voice you’ve ever in your life. The music video features Powell, playing the piano, keytar and dancing in front of the oddest backgrounds you’ll ever see due to green screen.

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The music video is so comically bad that it actually approaches good. Powell is on-screen for 100 per cent of the music video and if he isn’t dead center looking directly at the camera he’s in the corner of the screen playing an instrument while curious things are happening in the background. It’s also unsettling to see Mr. Serious smiling for the majority of the video. While Powell is mild-mannered off the court his persona on it is a cross between Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook seeing him as jovial is akin to looking at him through a fun house mirror.

Rife with cheesy effects and arbitrary bodies of water, ‘No Problem’ gives that mid 2000’s YouTube feel that’s hard to capture anywhere else. Forged with awkward dancing and bad acting, it’s all a hilarious disjointed mess. The video feels like a bizarro version of what a music video is today, made by a fifteen year old in their A/V class. It’s so odd, but so endearing it’s impossible to look away.

Music nowadays has it’s legit artists but there’s also memesters that created their own lane in Lil’ B and Ugly god. With the NBA budding its own musical sub-culture Powell could have a future as the NBA’s Weird Al Yankovic if he really wants to harness it. Dial up the goofiness, throw a little more money at the production, find Drake’s ghost writer and the NBA could have its own player-meme singer.

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No Problem is the first track Norman Powell has ever laid and it’s unclear whether they’re be more tracks on the horizon but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Is Powell’s music video for No Problem terrible or excellent? Should he press forward a meme musician? Let us know in the comments below.