Top 5 GTA High School Basketball Players To Watch This Season

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Photo: North Pole Hoops

Rowan Barrett Jr.

Year: Class of 2019

School: Montverde Academy, Florida

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Already a major name on any recruiter’s radar, the 6’ 6” forward/guard is probably the best all-around player at his age going into this school year. After finishing his freshman season with the St. Marcillenus Spirit of Mississauga, Barrett went on to be one of the focal points for Canada’s first ever medal in the FIBA U-16 world championships, claiming silver in Argentina over this past summer.

Barrett averaged 14.3 points in that tourney, leading all players for Canada, and put to rest any doubt that the 15 year old is one of the best players in his age group in the entire world.

After performing on a stage like that, it’s no surprise that Barrett has officially joined another name in this list, Marcus Carr, at the Montverde Academy in Florida, for likely the remainder of his high school career.

His leaping ability is impressive, even for a guy his height, but his basketball IQ is where he really shines. Rarely do you see him take a bad shot, or stubbornly try to break double teams. His shot is also above average, and is seen routinely guarding opposing teams point guards, a testament to his quick feet and length.

The intimidating part to Barrett isn’t his size, or his athleticism, or even his scoring ability. What is most impressive about him is his ability to encapsulate all three, and more, at such a young age.

He is without a doubt one the most polished basketball players this country has ever produced under the age of 16.

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