Top 5 GTA High School Basketball Players To Watch This Season

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Photo: Ken Hama/North Pole Hoops

Matur Maker

Year: Class of 2017

School: Athlete Institute’s Orangeville Prep, Ontario

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Never to be outdone by big brother Thon, Matur Maker might make the biggest splash out of everyone on this list. Following in his bigger brothers footsteps, the younger Maker has continued to develop his all around basketball skills at an alarming rate.

Despite standing 6’ 10”, Matur continues to play a combo two three position on the floor, and rarely enters the post unless to attack the rim. It’s a risky development strategy, if you were anyone but a Maker brother.

After out-performing his bigger brother at the Bio Steel All Canadian game back in April, Matur joined on with Canada Elite alongside Thon and never really let up. Like his bigger brother, Matur has shown exceptional athleticism for his size, and uses his length and jab step to create considerable space between himself and defenders for open jump shots.

“You will always see him in his bed, watching and studying the game on his iPad,” says Thon of his younger brother. “I would say at his age right now he is hungrier than I was at that age to learn the game.”

So what could be scarier than a seven foot Maker? How about a 6’ 10” little brother that might be even more motivated than Thon to become a star.

If Matur continues to bulk up and play out his high school career at Athlete Institute, there will be many more schools than just Indiana and Wake Forest knocking on his door.

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