Top 20 Moments in Toronto Raptors History

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 11. Vince Carter says he doesn’t want to dunk anymore

Feb 13, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Vince Carter (25) watches the game from the bench during the second half against the Sacramento Kings at the American Airlines Center. Carter leads the Mavericks with 26 points and passes Larry Bird on the all time scoring list. The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Sacramento Kings 123-100. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In 2004, Carter rocked the Toronto sports scene when he claimed that he did not want to dunk anymore. It was a perplexing statement from a man dubbed “half-man, half-amazing”.

The statement was vehemently overanalzyed, as Raptors fans could not pinpoint a reason to why VC had a change of heart, but it was widely assumed that the criticism of Carter’s game was a big reason behind it.

Either way, many Raptors’ fans look back on this moment and mark it as the beginning of the end of Vinsanity in Toronto.