Top 20 Moments in Toronto Raptors History

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Mar 28, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; The Toronto Raptors mascot Raptor makes an appearance against the Boston Celtics at Air Canada Centre. The Raptors beat the Celtics 105-103. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Top 20 Moments in Toronto Raptors History

In honour of the Toronto Raptors 20th season in franchise history, the team is hosting seven 20th Anniversary Nights at the Air Canada Centre this year. As part of the Anniversary festivities the team will wear their original road purple jersey for the first time since 1999. On top of the jersey change, lots of Raptors’ alumni will be in attendance throughout the season such as Antonio Davis and Alvin Williams.

Since coming to Toronto 20 years ago, the Raptors have endured a roller coaster ride filled with moments of agony, heartbreak, euphoria and joy.

Nevertheless, the Raptors look to be finally heading in the right direction with the young core they have in place. But, as any Raptors’ fan knows, things can change in a heartbeat – or in the form of a disgruntled star player trying to flee town – as we all know too well.

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Unfortunately for Raptors’ fans, not all the team’s top moments are composed of happiness. Some of the most defining moments in Raptors history are actually agonizing stories that crushed the heart’s of a loyal fan base.

With that being said, not all moments within this list are happy stories either. Really, who would we be kidding if they were? Inevitably, some of the top moments in Raptors’ history were developed in gut-wrenching moments of sorrow, where the both the franchise and its dedicated fan base grew in unison.

With so many moments in their history, it was a task to accurately select 20 moments that define not only how the franchise was altered, but also how the fan base was effected.

After all, the fans are the ones who have witnessed each one of the Raptors’ greatest moments.

So in honour of the Toronto Raptors 20th anniversary, here is a look back on the top 20 moments in franchise history.