Buffalo Bills: Donald Trump Tweets Hint at Sour Grapes


Buffalo Bills: Donald Trump Tweets Hint at Sour Grapes

Leave it to Donald Trump to try and put a downer on recent events surrounding the Buffalo Bills. As our Chris Orkrainetz recently reported, NFL owners approved the sale of the team to Terry and Kim Pegula.

Oct 12, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Fans hold up a sign to celebrate the Buffalo Bills new owner Terry Pegula (not pictured) before a game against the New England Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Peguala family were at Ralph Wilson Stadium to celebrate with Bills fans. As John Murphy of WGR50 proclaimed, this is the happiest Bill fans have been in 20 years.

(It’s just a pity the players couldn’t find it within their hearts to join in the festivities, losing 37-22 to the New England Patriots.)

However, Trump, ever the media whore, just couldn’t help himself, taking to Twitter to share his thoughts:

Talk about a low blow right out of the gate, although he is right in saying the Buffalo Sabres haven’t fared well lately. However, with tons of salary cap room, a young core of talented players and three first round draft picks in 2015, the future looks bright.

Ah yes, I forgot about what a success Trump was when he owned a team in the USFL, although he now claims the league was already failing and ready to close when he came on board. Although this is likely true, why would you then become on owner – right away a flashing beacon about his abilities to make the decision required to be a successful sports owner.

Also, you have to question his perception of what producing a winner actually means? This is the guy that crows about how the USFL won their lawsuit against the NFL – I mean yes, he’s technically right, but can the grand total of $3 really be considered a win?

This last tweet is the one that amused me most, proving once and before this is just a case of sour grapes by “The Donald”. Seriously, if you don’t even like the game, why the heck would you put in a bid for them?

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Overall, Trump wants everyone to believe he’s a winner at everything he turns his hand to. And while there’s no denying his success, at the end of the day the Pegula’s outbid him for the Bills – pretty much the definition of someone who lost!

NB: I realize this article is about Trump, but I just couldn’t bring myself to include a photo of him. I trust you’re all okay with this decision.