Toronto Blue Jays: Potential Trade Targets Following the Draft

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With the MLB Draft taking place this weekend, the trade buzz surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays will more than likely pick back up following the draft.

Although trade rumours swirled about Jeff Samardzija to the Blue Jays throughout the early part of the year, numerous reports suggest that the cost to acquire Samardzija is too rich for the Blue Jays liking. ESPN’s Buster Olney wrote that he believes the Blue Jays don’t have the prospect depth to pursue the likes of Jeff Samardzija or even David Price.

While that may be true, an interesting report from CBS Sports Jon Heyman suggests that Royals star pitcher James Shields could be a more likely target for Toronto. Shields is due to become a free agent at seasons end and would fit the Blue Jays rumoured preference of acquiring rental players this season. Given the Royals struggles this year (currently sitting at a 28-31 record ), one would have to believe that if the Royals are not in contention by the trade deadline, James Shields will certainly become available.

As the Blue Jays continue to play well,  I believe that they will be buyers and “go for it” this year in the AL East. But with the Blue Jays playing in the home run friendly confines of the Rogers Centre, I’m sure they have a specific idea of the type of pitcher they would like to acquire.

Here are potential trade targets that may interest the Toronto Blue Jays in the coming weeks.

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  • Momus

    Someone in another conversation recently brought McCarthy to my attention and, after a little looking into him, he has become my absolute #1 choice for the Jays to acquire. He will definitely be cheaper than Samardzija, Shields, Lee or Price, and a switch to the Jays could suddenly make McCarthy look like an ace.

    • Chris Okrainetz

      I think he would be the most feasible option as well, especially in terms of prospects to give up in return.

      Neil Greenberg of the Washington post showed an interesting chart on McCarthy and his fly balls if pitching in the Rogers Centre. You can check it out here:

      Thanks for the comment and the read

  • Quincy-Sam

    Saw McCarthy’s name pop up in the rumor mill during the off season. Might be a good choice for the Jays, but the cost might be higher than many fans would like. Probably a better choice than the others rumored over the last several months but not sure he is really available.