Travis Bateman

Travis was born and raised in a small suburban town just east of Toronto, ON called Brighton. He currently resides in the city of Toronto where he works as a Research Officer. A life long fan of the Toronto Sports, Travis likes nothing more than forcing his opinions of the teams on others.

You can follow Travis on Twitter at @travisb31

Staff Writers

Danny Wright

Danny is a current Sports Journalism student at Loyalist College in Belleville, ON. A former Brock University Badger with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television, Danny’s life (and writing) is commonly spiced with references to popular culture. He can commonly be found working at golf courses across the province of Ontario. Danny is a Canadian citizen who wishes he won a State Championship in high school 6 years ago. If granted 3 wishes, he would use all 3 on getting his Buffalo Bills into the playoffs.

You can follow Danny on Twitter at @dannywright

Terry Harris

Terry was born and raised in the heart of Leafs Nation. He is a lifelong Toronto Sports fan, and despite being diagnosed with a full on case of Maple Leafs homerism, will at least attempt to refrain from the standard Leafs fan blind optimism…occasionally.

Terry currently doesn’t prowl the Twittersphere (we’re working on him!). So if you really want to get a hold of the guy you can write on the Tip of the Tower Facebook page and we’ll be sure he gets the message.