Toronto FC: 3 observations from first losing streak of 2020 season

Jozy Altidore #17 of Toronto FC. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Jozy Altidore #17 of Toronto FC. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /
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Toronto FC
Auro #96 of Toronto FC. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

1) Dominating the game isn’t enough.

In many respects, you would be hard-pressed to demand much more from TFC during this two-game losing streak. On top of the eye test, you only have to look at the stats sheet for evidence of this.

In the two games against Montreal and Vancouver, Toronto controlled the tempo. They finished the two contests with a 62 percent and 65.8 percent advantage respectively in possession.

The Reds were even more dominating when it came to crosses, with a 33-12 and 43-11 edge in the two games. This advantage extended to corners, albeit not as significant – 9-7 versus Montreal and 8-2 against  Vancouver.

However, it’s the shot totals which really tell the story – both for the better and the worse. On the one hand TFC created plenty of opportunities, with a 20-10 and 22-7 edge respectively in the two games.

This is all well and good as the more chances you create, the more likely you are to score. At least that is the theory.

The problem for Toronto FC is that while they are creating plenty of opportunities, they need to be more accurate. Consider that only six of their 20 chances versus Montreal were on target and just nine of 22 attempts in Vancouver.

Even more important is the need for TFC to be more clinical with their chances, which was best highlighted in Saturday night’s game in Vancouver. While two goals is nothing to criticise per se, the Whitecaps managed to score three times from their limited attempts.

Ultimately, as we said earlier, it’s tough to demand much more from the Reds and more often than not, only good things will come from their style of play and domination. Regardless, there is still some room for improvement and/or change, if the last two games are anything to go by.