Toronto Argonauts: Ranking the 6 Grey Cup wins since 1991

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Toronto Argonauts

Toronto Argonauts win the 105th Grey Cup. (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Getty Images)

We take a look back at the Toronto Argonauts’ six Grey Cup championships dating back to 1991 and rank them based on several factors.

There’s no denying these are tough times for the Toronto Argonauts and their fans. The sense of disappointment — as well as concern for the future — is entirely understandable after the CFL officially cancelled the 2020 season last week.

During this period of uncertainty, we decided to raise spirits by taking Argonauts fans on a trip down memory lane. We’ve ranked the Double Blue’s six Grey Cup championships since 1991 based on a variety of factors including importance of the occasion, excitement of the game, popularity of the team and unpredictability of the outcome (both in terms of their record during  the season and if they were underdogs heading into the Grey Cup).

The Grey Cup ranking first in each category received six points, all the way down to one point for last place. The reason for using this system was to be as fair as possible in deciding where to place each game, resulting in a couple of interesting takeaways.

First up, the points-based system had a significant impact after initially doing the rankings without it. The prime example of this was that the Grey Cup which ended up in first place had originally been last.

Similarly, the Grey Cup win which ranked fifth was originally placed second. We contend this justified using several factors to assist with the rankings and helped with being more objective.

Although using points to decide the rankings was definitely a better idea it still wasn’t flawless, as there was a tie for second place. This resulted in a decision where a lot of people won’t be happy with which Grey Cup we ranked higher, although we do explain the reasoning behind our choice.

Overall, this was a challenging but enjoyable topic, which we believe you will enjoy reading and debating. Let’s begin the countdown:

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