Toronto Blue Jays: 5 realistic expectations for the 2020 season

Toronto Blue Jays (Photo by Carlos Osorio- Pool via Getty Images)
Toronto Blue Jays (Photo by Carlos Osorio- Pool via Getty Images) /
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Toronto Blue Jays
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2) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. aiming to take it to the next level

There is no question that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is the face of the Toronto Blue Jays. The former top prospect is a machine at the plate, bursting into the spotlight after hitting 40 homers at last season’s home run derby.

Guerrero Jr. put up solid numbers in his rookie year, despite all the attention he got both from the media and opposing pitchers. Still barely 21-years-old, Jays fans are excited to see growth from him this season.

With a top prospect like Guerrero Jr. it’s important not to let the hype machine run out of control. He certainly showed signs of having the ability to become a top player in baseball last season.

It’s easy to look at Guerrero Jr.’s swing and predict him hitting 30 home runs and registering a .300 batting average each year for the next 10+ seasons, similar to that of his dad during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He will almost certainly anchor the Blue Jays’ lineup for years to come, but once again, he’s only 21 and it would be foolish to assume there won’t be any more growing pains.

I certainly expect Guerrero Jr. to improve this season and hit 25 home runs (over a full season) while pushing closer to a .300/.400/.500 slash line. I’m waiting for his third season to be the one in which he inserts himself into the MVP discussion.