Toronto Blue Jays: 5 takeaways from Paul Molitor interview

Paul Molitor Toronto Blue Jays (Photo credit should read ROBERT GIROUX/AFP via Getty Images)
Paul Molitor Toronto Blue Jays (Photo credit should read ROBERT GIROUX/AFP via Getty Images) /
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3) WAMCO was tremendous but still only a part of the bigger picture

If you mention WAMCO, people can be forgiven for salivating at the thought, whether or not they are fans of the Blue Jays specifically. In our humble opinion, we’re talking about one of the most feared offensive threats in baseball history.

The nickname came about due to the combination of Devon White, Roberto Alomar, Molitor, Joe Carter and John Olerud batting one through five in the starting lineup. The effectiveness of them was highlighted by Olerud, Molitor and Alomar finishing the 1993 regular season one, two and three respectively for batting average in the American League.

Molitor stressed how important the team was as a whole, but still acknowledged how special the top of the Blue Jays’ batting order was. As per Sportsnet, he said:

"“It was tremendous. I think that none of us in terms of those five letters wanted to get too consumed, (due to) the fact we knew our team was a lot bigger than that, but it kind of became one of the identifying marks of our team offensively and it was an effective combination.”"

Even the addition of Rickey Henderson during the season did nothing to ruin the nickname, as he was placed second in the batting order and they were then referred to as WHAMCO. The resume of these six players is frightening to look back on, with three Hall of Famers and a combined 39 All-Star selections.