Toronto Blue Jays: 4 storylines to follow post All-Star break

Toronto Blue Jays (Photo by Carlos Osorio- Pool via Getty Images)
Toronto Blue Jays (Photo by Carlos Osorio- Pool via Getty Images) /
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What happens with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

At this point Blue Jays fans are not wondering if Vlad Jr. will be going to Buffalo but when will he get the promotion? This would be closest that fans in Toronto can get to the number one prospect in baseball since he played in Montreal in the Spring Training finale.

It would be a smart move for the team to gauge whether the son of Vladimir Guerrero would be ready to come up in September for a brief stint. Now management has shown extreme caution with Vlad Jr. especially when he suffered a leg injury.

Recently his father spoke about the injury and was encouraged with how his son handled the recovery process.

“I’m very happy with his rehabilitation,” Guerrero said to the Toronto Sun. “He worked hard to get back. All I’ve told him is to pace himself and finish the season strong.”

There are questions as to which position Vlad Jr. will play once he reached the MLB with third base being his main spot in double-A. Many wonder if his bat and body frame translates better at first base but the Blue Jays want to make third his position.

On Thursday, the young prospect will be back with New Hampshire and will probably see himself in a different team if he shows no signs of slowing down. How far that goes is all up to him but many hope for something promising to look forward to.