Toronto Raptors: 6 revelations from Game 6 victory over Wizards

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3. Markieff Morris thinks the Washington Wizards were the better team

Markieff Morris, a man who played so poorly I had to squint at my television to make sure he wasn’t secretly wearing a Toronto Raptors jersey under the gaudy Wizards kit, claims the Wizards were the better team.

This is coming from a member of the team that considered themselves the best in the East at the beginning of the season.

Only then the Wizards struggled mightily through the campaign and fell into the eighth seed in the East, which could have been avoided if they had beaten the sad sack Orlando Magic in their last game of the regular season.

Next, the ‘best team in the East’ plays the first seed and gets bounced in the fopening round, partly because Morris is underperforming offensively and shoots an atrocious 20 percent from distance.

You’re right, sometimes the better team doesn’t win, but not in this instance, in which the better team won, clearly.