Toronto Raptors: 6 Revelations from Game 3 loss to Wizards

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Toronto Raptors
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4.It’s getting chippy.

What do you do when you’re playing a team that clearly outclasses you? Muddy the game. Morris is an infamous hot head but that can be played towards. After a run of the mill foul by Anunoby sent Morris to the ground, he took exception

This is a hold me back moment if I ever saw one. A little nudge by Morris, a shove by Anunoby and then both squads are mobbing the two. No punches thrown and no serious repercussions, though it did set the tone for the Wizards.

The Raptors are definitely a better team than the Wizards, but there are ways to make it closer than it is. Trying to get the mental advantage is a card the Wizards can play. I wouldn’t say it worked, but it didn’t hurt either and now the Raptors are riled.

When down big on the opposing team’s floor, it can be frustrating when they try to rub your nose in it. Even grown men making millions of dollars can be childish, and stooping to their level only brings squalor and disappointment.

By nature, the Wizards are a chippy bunch and aren’t afraid to show that at home.  They’ll use these extra-curriculars to turn the tide in their favour and if they’re up big, they’ll do so to fluster you.

Wall, Morris and Beal are great at picking fights, but it’s difficult to see if they’re really about that life. They better hope Serge Ibaka‘s aim’s off. 

Wall, Beal and Morris have never thrown a punch in a NBA game. Challenging the likes of Ibaka, a man who grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is ill-advised.