Toronto Raptors: 6 Revelations for Game 2 victory over Wizards

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Toronto Raptors

TORONTO, ON – APRIL 14: (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

2) Drake is the new Spike Lee

Only in Toronto will you ever hear a fan call a professional athlete a bucktee.

In previous years, we were asking where Drake was if not courtside with the Toronto Raptors. Drake’s the team’s Global Ambassador and although the role is nebulous it’s brought the cushy benefits of courtside seats.

The best thing about being courtside for a regular fan is seeing the players up close and really embracing the speed, skill and power of the game. When you’re the most famous rapper on planet earth, the best thing about being courtside is the ability to trash-talk any player that crosses your path.

John Wall is a noted curmudgeon and likes to talk the talk, so it’s fun to see someone giving him a taste of his own medicine. Is it funny because it’s Drake? Absolutely. But it’s even funnier when you watch the video and see Wall is trying to ignore Drake by talking to Kyle Lowry as soon as Graham’s voice is heard.
On the sidelines, Drake is an evolved Spike Lee, he’s pacing on the sidelines like Coach Dwane Casey and interacting with players like he’s part of the Raptors’ coaching staff. He’s even yelling at players that pass by.

Lee was notorious for his beef with Reggie Miller, but that’s it. Other than that he just enjoyed his time on the sideldines. Remember the lint roller incident; the drink incident? What about Drake’s time on the mic?

Just like in the rap game, if he wants to be, Drake is inescapable. Don’t think for a moment Drake won’t be around if the Wizards extend the series. And don’t think he won’t be giving us more moments like this.

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