Buffalo Bills: 4 reasons they won’t sign Dez Bryant

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2) Bryant’s attitude doesn’t fit Bills model

Since taking over as Buffalo Bills head coach, Sean McDermott has preached discipline and accountability. This made for a refreshing change after the lackadaisical Rex Ryan regime.

And unlike Ryan, McDermott wasn’t just all talk. He was as good as his word and didn’t care how talented a player was, if their attitude wasn’t up to scratch.

The trade of Marcell Dareus proved to be a prime example of this, and offers our second reason why Bryant won’t be coming to Western New York. The guy has long courted controversy.

Since arriving in Dallas, the 2014 NFL receiving touchdowns leader has been involved in various high-profile incidents. This includes being arrested for domestic violence and being sued for damaging a rented house.

We do appreciate Bryant had a tough upbringing, which has undoubtedly impacted his behavior as an adult. But fair or not, this is something the Bills do not want to contend with, especially with speculation that several Cowboys players pressured for his release.