Buffalo Bills: 4 reasons they won’t sign Dez Bryant

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Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills /

1) Where does Bryant want to play?

After being released by the Cowboys, Bryant said: ”I’ll see you guys twice this year.” The implication was he wanted to sign for another NFC East team, to show his former employer what they were missing.

However, as of right now, there is no indication anyone in the NFC East actually wants to sign the three-time Pro Bowler. As per Mike Jones of USA Today, the Washington Redskins in particular, do not have him on their radar at this time.

Of course this could change, but let’s assume it doesn’t. Where would Bryant want to go, as an alternative to the NFC East?

Would Buffalo really appeal to the 2008 First-team All-Big 12 selection? We would have to say no; fair or not, the small town, blue-collar mentality of the area is a world away from what he was used to in Dallas.

In addition, apart from money — more on this shortly — you have to figure Bryant would actually want to go to a team that can realistically compete for a Super Bowl. As things stand, the Bills are not at this point yet.