Tip of the Tower Podcast: Remembering Roy Halladay

DUNEDIN, FL - FEBRUARY 28: Roy Halladay
DUNEDIN, FL - FEBRUARY 28: Roy Halladay /

A week after the unfortunate news of Roy Halladay‘s death broke, David Morassutti, Austin Owens and Richard Lee Sam take time to remember one of the greatest Toronto Blue Jays players of all time.

Joining David Morassutti once again is Tip of the Tower staff writers Austin Owens (@_AustinOwens) and Richard Lee-Sam as they look back at Doc’s time in Toronto and what he meant to them growing up watching Blue Jays baseball.

It has been a tough month of November for Toronto Blue Jays fans when news broke of Roy Halladay’s plane accident which took his life.

David, Austin and Richard start it off by talking about the impact Halladay had while he was in Toronto starting off on the final few starts with the Blue Jays. They discuss how he drilled David Ortiz and pitched two complete game shutouts in his final two outings which pretty much summed up his time in Toronto.

They talk about his routine and that constant drive to remain consistent in his training led to his dominant work ethic. Even when he was sent down to the minors, he was able to battle back and the part that his wife Brandy played in his reputation among fans.

They marvel at how Doc was able to produce and make life easier for his teammates especially his relievers. David then asks how Richard and Austin heard the news and what they were doing in that moment and he talks about the way Sportsnet dealt with it and what he learned from it. Austin also brings up what he experienced when he was working at Sportsnet 590 when the news came in and how everything changed in an instant.

Richard brings up one of his favourite memories when he met Halladay last year and how he lined up early in the morning just to have a chance to get an autograph and what that day meant to him. Austin remembers one of his first memories of Halladay as a young child.

They discuss what the Blue Jays should do to honour Halladay and why his status with the organization should be seen on a different level than other great franchise players. Part of his legacy was how he kept fans interested in baseball even when the team was mediocre which is something that not many Toronto athletes could do.

How will you remember Halladay and do you have a favourite memory? Please share and comment below.

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